Amir amirkhany thesis

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In this paper we consider the transmission of a discrete data sequence via a communication channel that is subject to additive noise with a known upper bound on its magnitude but otherwise completely unre-stricted behavior.

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There was a secondclass psychology. Vicky Wong, Valentin Abramzon, Amir Amirkhany, Bita Nezamfar, Francois Labonte, Jim Weaver, Alex Solomatnikov, Amin Firoozshahian, Xiling Shen and Omid Azizi, for all their company and friendship during courses, research projects and out-door trips.

Mai, Jaeha Kim, Amir Amirkhany, Xiling Shen, Ron Ho, Jim Weaver, Bennett Wilburn, Francois Labonte, and Alex Solomatnikov. Also, from Prof. Miller’s Group, Salman Latif, Noah Helman, and Henry Chin deserve special recognition. I wish to thank the National Science Foundation, MARCO IFC, and Texas Instruments for their financial support.

This thesis covers the design, analysis and implementation of a multi-carrier signaling method, called Analog Multi-Tone (AMT), specifically designed to take advantage of.

by Amir Amirkhany, Vladimir Stojanović, Mark A. Horowitz, Abstract—A Multi-tone architecture is proposed for high-speed backplane serial links. To limit complexity, the links use analog multi-tone rather than the more modern DMT. digital compensation of dynamic acquisition errors at the front-end of adcs a dissertation submitted to the department of electrical engineering.

digital compensation of dynamic acquisition errors at the front-end of adcs a dissertation submitted to the department of electrical engineering.

Amir amirkhany thesis
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