I dedicate this thesis to my mother

Without her I dont know how I would have survived this past year. I dedicate this dissertation to my husband, Vince, for his remarkable patience and unwavering love and support over the course of my research. We explain how to write a dedication, with information about the different types of dedications authors can use Free Essays on dedication of my thesis Thesis Dedication Examples for students.

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She was a fellow doctoral candidate at Columbia dedication of my thesis who. Sample, example thesis acknowledgements. Ramsey, g quality matters: Lastly, I dedicate this thesis to all the children in the world who were. Feel free to learn the most crucial aspects of it from the following article written by experts essay what i want to be.

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Dedication of my thesis

I dedicate this thesis to my mother, Telesia Malaki. Except as otherwise acknowledged in this text, this thesis represents the original research of the author. The material contained herein has not been submitted, either in part, for a degree at this or any other university.

I am writing my thesis and would like to dedicate it to my parents. However my father passed away while I was studying. I would like to dedicate it to both him and my mother. This is a special page made specially for my Mother. She is to me my rock. She is by far the strongest woman I have ever known.

She has had many trials in her. i Dedication This thesis is dedicated to both my parents. My father, the late Absalom Malobane Nkhosi Dlamini did not only raise and nurture me.


I dedicate this thesis manuscript to my mother Brhana Hailu for her. I dedicate this thesis to my father, my mother and family. IV ACKNOWLEDGMENT First and foremost thanks to Allah who gave me strength, patience and ability to accomplish this research.

Acknowledgment is due to the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals for.

I dedicate this thesis to my mother
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Dedication to my Mother