Second reader thesis

I cut over twenty-five pages from the total page count, mostly through cuts, tailoring, minor character deletions and I have to confess, excessive white spaceson top of the 50 or so pages I cut in the time surrounding residency and leading up to sending you my first draft.

There was a lot of condensing. I really liked your idea about none of the stories ever having endings, because the main character always moved. The thesis supervisor, in consultation with the student, determines when to bring the second reader on board. Once the thesis is uploaded, it has to go through multiple approval processes before getting the final approval by the Dean.

I pulled this back some, but part of the structure I wanted was that it does come out of left field. Analyze the strengths and limitations of different scholarly approaches to the question, and recognize the resulting interpretative conflicts. Some of the tense problems were simply artifacts from translating the older manuscript into a more present tense.

I was reading a lot of Chasidic tales around that time, and was playing with the idea that anytime a stranger shows up in a story beggars, weirdos, unknown people it could always be the prophet Elijah testing or sending the story in a new direction.

Narrative is about reconstructing a chain of meaningful events based on a known outcome. This course provides students who undertake the Honors thesis a transition from traditional course work to the rigors and excitement of independent research.

Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) Thesis Guidelines

Honors Independent Research UH Once a thesis proposal is approved by the Honors Council, students may register for Honors Independent Research, a three-credit hour graded course, in the subsequent semester.

What do they need to hold in their mind before going on to the next chapter. Select a methodological approach to address the research question. If and when appropriate, other sizes can be accepted. But our happiness lies in our moments of awareness of it. Your guidance is especially important in framing the project and setting the criteria for its evaluation.

I was interested in how different pieces could come together to create meaning for my main character, which is also part of this trip and his interior journey. The primary advisor, or at least one co-advisor, must be a full-time, non-emeritus, Ph. Examples of works by both students and faculty are included.

Thesis writers should register for UH the second semester of their junior year. The purpose of the thesis or project is to prepare the student for graduate or professional school, to provide an opportunity for the student to complete a scholarly or creative project of significant proportions, and to gain a new perspective on knowledge by becoming a contributor to the recognized knowledge in a particular field of study.

She or he may be a Hunter faculty member or somebody else with relevant expertise who agrees to serve as a reader. The second reader of the thesis should be selected in consultation with the faculty sponsor. Besides those chapters, the most attention was given to the two Claire chapters.

During this process, the student meets regularly with the thesis supervisor for feedback on data collection, evidence gathering, analysis, and writing.

Pages, including pages of illustrative material, bibliography, and appendices are to be typed or scanned and numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. Overview All individualized majors complete a capstone, which provides them an opportunity to integrate knowledge they have acquired during the course of their majors.

Unless the thesis advisor and the candidate decide otherwise, citations should follow the style of the American Anthropologist. What is the major message that you have established. Thesis projects, whatever their form, should contribute to the development of knowledge or practice in new ways, involve significant background research, and require sustained attention in the implementation of the project.

Honors College

A good audit trail can cut out a lot of wondering and examiner frustration. The thesis should be prepared according to the guidelines of the School of Arts and Sciences.

Let me go back for a minute to your letter where you discuss your background as a poet and your resistance to some bestsellers. I think this is a good thing, because it is starting to give the work a thrust, but I am also interested after graduatingin going back and re-developing the more non-linear feel of the work.

I was also looking at Catcher in the Rye and wanted this piece to be an inverse of that. As I mentioned, I come at the novel through a background in visual art and experimental film and video. A temporary grade of incomplete I may be given if the student is not graduating at the end of the semester and intends to complete the project during the following semester.

Two readers of the Ph.D. thesis must be Princeton University faculty members. One must not be a coauthor of any of the candidate's papers, published, submitted, or planned.

Princeton University

Inclusion of a third, outside, reader is strongly encouraged. your thesis supervisor, the second reader on your committee, and the chair of the meeting who MSW Program Committee Page 7 typically is the Supervisor of Graduate Studies or a designate.

The Honors Thesis Second Reader serves as the secondary expert who reads the thesis for appropriate content, theory, and methodology. The Second Readers is only required to read one draft of the thesis late in the process as the student prepares his/her final draft.

Thesis Sponsor and Second Reader The candidate must select a thesis advisor who is a full-time member of the Hunter Anthropology faculty. The faculty advisor must approve the thesis proposal by signing the cover page.

Thesis writers should register for UH the second semester of their junior year. The tutorial's objectives include choosing and narrowing the topic, collecting a working bibliography, preliminary reading of sources, and writing the proposal. Thesis Sponsor and Second Reader The candidate must select a thesis advisor who is a full-time member of the Hunter Anthropology faculty.

The faculty advisor must approve the thesis proposal by signing the cover page.

Second reader thesis
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