Sriram sankaranarayanan thesis

Such under-utilization is particularly severe if the implementation platform includes commercial off-the-shelf components that are typically designed to optimize average-case performance rather than provide deterministic worst-case guarantees. In literature only limited work within the formal methods community deals with the verification of models with partly unknown dynamics.

The paradigm of model-based development MBD has become the de facto standard for designing such control software.

Parity may also lead to scenarios where none of the groups involved in decision making e.

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Dwyer is a mathematical ecologist from the University of Chicago. It may be that the gulfs will wash us down; It may be that we shall touch the Happy Isles, And see the great Achilles, whom we knew. The method also permits refinement of the discrete grid across iterations.

Revisiting Noise, Again", presents the first database anonymization system that exhibits low noise, unlimited queries, simple configuration, and rich query semantics while still giving strong anonymity.

Discovering rare behaviours in stochastic differential equations using decision procedures: E, 86 6, Dec.


First, they allow designers to express a set of machine-checkable requirements on the system behaviors using the logical formalism of real-time temporal logics. The website is now live and applications are due January 5, Mining Requirements from Closed-loop Control Models.

This approach is demonstrated on a case study in which a Dubins car model of an autonomous vehicle is controlled by a neural network to follow a given path. This heuristic often allows the optimization procedure to effectively search the nonconvex and possibly discontinuous cost surface.

He comes to us from the mathematical biology group at Utah with an expertise in the mathematics of soft materials. These are the three main conferences in real-time systems. The barrier certificate properties are verified with an SMT solver.

One of the main challenges is that many autonomous driving systems have machine learning components, such as deep neural net- works, for which formal properties are difficult to characterize.

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This way of specifying signals makes the search space finite in contrast to search spaces for S-TaLiRo or Breach. This keynote presents Diffix, a database anonymization system that promises to finally bring us within reach of that goal.

She is mostly interested in software engineering, programming languages, and formal methods. We present a testing framework that is compatible with test case generation and automatic falsification methods, which are used to evalu- ate cyber-physical systems. The new approach, allowing both partly unknown dynamics over uncountable continuous variables and noisy output measurements, is the usage of a Bayesian framework relating the credibility confidence in the asserted validity of a formal property to the uncertainty built over a model from data.

Maria particularly likes investigating topics in automatic test generation, software verification, program analysis, and empirical software engineering. We demonstrate how the framework can be used to evaluate closed-loop properties of an autonomous driving system model that includes the ML components, all within a vir- tual environment.

Falsification techniques [1, 3] seek to automate this process in two ways. The award citation reads as follows: There are several reasons for this; first, traditional metrics used to evaluate control system performance, such as overshoot and settling time, may be difficult to formulate in the languages typically used to create formal requirements.

Logical Methods in Computer Science 11 3pp. Runtime Monitoring of Synchronous Systems. Possible directions of research include application of machine learning approaches to such requirement engineering tasks.

Initial states and inputs are updated by stochastic optimization methods between the tests for achieving smaller robustness values. We study the scalability and efficiency of our approach with synthetic benchmarks and an engine controller from Toyota.

Mooncakes are the traditional food for Mid-autumn festival. Prof. Sriram Sankaranarayanan Date The nal copy of this thesis has been examined by the signatories, and we nd that both the content and the form meet acceptable presentation standards of scholarly work in the above mentioned discipline.

iii Silkensen, Erik (M.S., Computer Science). Hi!

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I am a PhD student in Computer Engineering and research associate at Arizona State University. Master's Thesis.

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Cumhur Erkan Tuncali, Bardh Hoxha, Guohui Ding, Georgios Fainekos, Sriram Sankaranarayanan, (NFM ) Abstract. In this report, we present our experiences in applying falsification methods over the Unmanned Systems. ow Analysis for Concurrent Programs using Data-race Detection A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the Vineet Kahlon, Sriram Sankaranarayanan, and Aarti Gupta at NEC Labs and Shuvendu Lahiri, and Shaz Qadeer at Microsoft for sharing insights related to my work as well as exposing me to broader issues and research in the elds.

Alejandro Sánchez, Sriram Sankaranarayanan, César Sánchez, and Evan Chang.Ph.D. thesis, Stanford University, May The correct spelling of my name is César Sánchez (but feel free to use Cesar Sanchez). Ting Zhang wrote a Chinese transliteration of my name.

Hadi Ravanbakhsh,Sriram Sankaranarayanan Computer Science,Abstract: In this article, the problem of synthesizing switching controllers is considered through the synthesis of a "control certificate". Sankaranarayanan Gurumurthy used to have when he guided my Masters thesis effort.

I would like to thank my co-authors in various papers Sriram Samba-murthy, Ramtilak Vemu and Shobha Vasudevan for the fruitful discussions we had. They, along .

Sriram sankaranarayanan thesis
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EPTCS Verification and Validation of Cyber-Physical Systems